Year in Review

I started this blog July 5th last year. So far, I have 91 posts, 320 comments, and an uncountable amount of photos 😉 In this post, there will be a collection of photos from the blog. Here they are:

My first post was about the 4th of July.

Next was Water Wars, LEGO Fun parts 1 and 2, then Outdoor Fun.



This is an battle in the North Pole!


Trinity sprays water on the dirty kayak.

After that was Lily’s first piano lesson!


Next was Gardening and Ice Cream Sundaes.


Next were my sunset and moon pics. This was one of my favorite pics EVER!


Remember this? Trinity’s first piano lesson!


Our first set of baseball cards <3


Picking the Garden:

…After that he wanted to taste one of the jalapenos!!! 😮

River selects his jalapeno.
River selects his jalapeno…
takes a bite...
takes a bite…
and he doesn't like it!
and he doesn’t like it!

River quickly decided to put the jalapeno back in the bowl!



I loved that post! Haha!

Next were the three Shenandoah Crossing posts.




Church camp:


And that AMAZING baseball game:

Next was The Trip to Town:

And that hilarious post, River’s Cool Sunglasses 😉

Next was Lily’s 6th Birthday!

Blowing out the candles 🙂

Next, School Days:

Next was my first “guest post” by Trinity:

Remember this science experiment?

Here was the Labor Day River Trip!

Here was the post called Cool New Photos. I published the post after I had been practicing with a photo manipulation application on my computer called GIMP.

Actually, River was just sitting in our messy living room!

Next was the Myrtle Beach trip! I took over 1000 photos and hundreds made it into the post.


Remember the White House cookie?!

Decorating for Fall was the next post I did:

I love the fall leaves!

Next was out visit to Grandma and Grandpa.

Next was the Eight Years of Fun post I did on Trinity’s birthday “eve” 😉

Eighth birthday party fun:

Gram’s birthday party:

Apple picking fun:

I love you Mom!

Hmm… I think I’ll smell these flowers…

Happy 11th birthday, Micah!

The Bonfire was next:

On November 16th, I got my Christmas ballgown! Thank you Nana and Poppy for hemming it!

Next was Thanksgiving!

I did the girls hair and outfits for the big dinner! Of course I took pics 😉

Next was Kennedy’s Kottage.

Taco Tuesday:

Dress Shopping (for Maddie’s ballgown):

Yay! Christmas is coming! Time to decorate:

Trinity’s Christmas Message (remember how sweet it was?!):

“Christmas is a fun holiday. It snows and we celebrate Jesus’ birth. It is not about Santa and getting presents. We can give music to one another and to Jesus.”

The Festival of Lights:

Remember those old Christmas pics?

My fifties costume for TDT:

Then there was my post announcing the start of Trinity’s blog! You can follow her at!

Next my family talked about our favorite ornaments on our tree.

Next was the Winter Wonderland Ball.

One of our traditions is a Christmas sleepover. Of course, I had to post about it.


Here is our Christmas party with Nana and Poppy:

Christmas Eve:

Christmas day!!!!

Next I had several posts about the games we got for Christmas.

I even had a post about going to Short Pump Mall after Christmas.

Dad’s birthday:


Tredegar Iron Works:

Super Bowl Party:

I had about 10 Florida posts 😉

The Rainbow:

Our first trip of the season to Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

This is my favorite pic of the day!

My 14th birthday party:

The Sock Hop:

Lewis Ginter:

Here are some pics from my first OctElit post:

My birthday:

Maymont Park field trip:

Kennedy’s Karnival:

Spring Ball:

River’s 3rd birthday:

Looking Back:

Memorial Day:

Our newest toy 😉


Hunt for the Crystal Jewels is finished!

And, after a year of blogging, I published my second 4th of July post!

Sorry this post was so long! So much has happened this past year! I hope you enjoyed these memories. Thanks for reading!





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