River Trip

Last Friday we went down to my grandparents house. We stayed until late Saturday morning. The stinging nettles were really bad, so we weren’te in the water long. After Trinity got an enormous sting on her leg, we decided to come inside. Some of the others were already inside (including Micah, who got stung in the face), so we decided to go in and open up our new package of Topps 2017 baseball cards. I will have a whole separate post about that, but I took some quick pick on my phone when we were trading. Here are the pictures from the trip.

Here we are crossing the bridge on the way down to the river. I have always loved the view and I look forward to this part of the drive each time.

Here are some of my grandparent’s gorgeous plants.

I love how the sun is in the corner of this pic.

Mom and River were playing in the sand, so I took some pictures of them on the beach. My grandparents have lots of lillies by the sand and they made a perfect subject for these photos.

All of my siblings have a bit of an obsession with baseball… so… here we are with the 707 new baseball cards we got and hundreds of older cards we have collected. Again, I will have a seperate post about this, but here are the pics I took on my phone when we were trading cards.


Don’t the new cards look a bit 3D?



Here is another one. Does it look like Dylan Bundy is coming out of the card?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some of my league leader cards.

Here are some Nats cards. I was excited to get some Nats I didn’t have from last year’s cards including Koda Glover, Brian Goodwin, Steven Strasburg, Matt Wieters, and Shawn Kelley.

Some more cards:

These are all of the new ones I got. To help you get an idea of just how many cards are in that pic, there are around 176.

Here we are with our favorite cards.

Here are the last few pics.










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