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Baseball Game

On Sunday, my grandparents took us to a Washington Nationals baseball game. We had so much fun! We were sitting in section 134. It was about two or three sections away from the foul ball pole. We were watching Wilson Ramos warm up. He was throwing the ball with one of the coaches. When he finished, […]

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Outdoors Vacations

Church Camp

This week I was at church camp. We had many Bible studies and lots of fun activities. Here are some of the pictures from the trip. 🙂

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Outdoors Vacations

Shenandoah Crossing Part Three

After lunch on Tuesday, we went to the Shenandoah Crossing Equestrian Center. All of us enjoyed seeing the horses and ponies that were there. There were also chickens and peacocks! After that, we went to the pool across the street. Trinity and Lily Grace liked to jump in the pool and make large splashes. There […]

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Outdoors Vacations

Shenandoah Crossing Part Two

At Shenandoah Crossing, there are many things to see and do. On Tuesday morning, we went to the playground the had. It was close to the cabin, so we went there after dinner also. The younger children enjoyed playing on the slides and ladders. Across the street from the playground, there was a mini golf […]

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Outdoors Vacations

Shenandoah Crossing Part One

This Monday after lunch, Mom took us to Shenandoah Crossing. We stayed until Wednesday morning. It was about a two hour drive, so River had time to get a nap. 🙂 For a surprise, Mom brought us to Wawa and we all got soda! 😀 😀 😀 River woke up when we stopped the car. […]

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Backyard Fun Everyday Life Gardening

Picking the Garden

This morning, the older children’s chore was to pick the garden. We brought in a large bowl of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers. River crawled onto a chair by the counter to ‘inspect’ the veggies. River found a tomato he liked and showed it to Mom. After that he wanted to taste one of […]

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Baseball Everyday Life Outdoors

Baseball Card Trading

Several cays ago, Micah, Trinity, Lily Grace, and I all bought some baseball cards. They arrived yesterday. We traded for four hours! We each started with 175 cards and a binder to put them in. After splitting the cards, we organized them by team and then carefully inserted them into the slots in the binders. […]

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Everyday Life

Trinity’s Piano

This week, my students are working on their first songs!  😀  Earlier, I took a few pictures of Trinity practicing. Trinity is doing well and is excited to learn more. She currently is learning two songs and she is working hard to learn her notes and rhythm as well. Every Friday morning, she has her lesson. […]

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Backyard Fun Everyday Life Gardening

Gardening and Ice Cream Sundaes

Today, one of our chores was weeding the garden. All five of us went outside, although River pulled up handfuls of dirt to throw instead of weeds. 😉 We set up our new sprinkler in the garden so we could get sprinkled while we weeded. River enjoyed helping us weed, even if he got a […]

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Backyard Fun Everyday Life

Sunset and Moon Pictures

Last night, I stepped out onto the deck and took a few sunset pictures. Later that night, Micah told me to look at the moon. I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. Soon, the moon came out from behind the trees and I snapped this picture.

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