What is this blog all about?

This is the Blue family blog. My name is Kendall. I am 13 years old and I write all the posts and take the pictures for the blog (with the help of my mom and little brother sometimes). I post about all the things our family has been up to lately. If this is your first time here, there are several helpful pages you can read to learn more about this blog, our family, and me! I also have a photo gallery so you can check out some of my favorite pictures. After you read the pages and you still have questions, leave a comment under one of my posts and I will answer your question through email as quickly as I can. Right now my featured post is called ‘Kennedy’s Kottage’. Kennedy is a friend from dance who has multiple diseases and we are raising money to help her family with medical bills. Please read the post for more information. I will change the featured post every couple weeks. Thank you for visiting! Enjoy!

What is ‘Gallery’?

Gallery is a separate page I use to display my favorite pictures. The pictures in the Gallery go all the way back to September of 2015. I include pictures I have used GIMP to edit, and I also display pictures I take that are unedited. A common problem with the gallery is the pictures overlap when they are loading. If this is an issue when you are viewing ‘Gallery’, try waiting for a bit. When it loads, the pictures should straighten out. If this doesn’t work, try reloading the page. If that still doesn’t work, please leave a comment under one of my posts and I will work on the issue. If you are having trouble seeing the pictures because they are too small, click on one of the pictures and a large slider will come up so you can see the pictures better. What are the hearts? If you really love a picture, give it a like!!! Just click on the heart and the number goes up. If the number goes down, that means it has already been liked on that device. Give it another click and it will go back to the original number. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work on mobile devices. If you have any more questions about ‘Gallery’, leave a comment.

What do all the categories mean?

Some of the categories have parent categories such as Birthdays and Christmas. Birthdays and Christmas are nested under Holidays. If you want to see all of the posts in Holidays, just click Holidays, but if you want to read posts on specific holidays, click on the holiday you want to read about.

Here are what all the categories are about:

Backyard Fun – Since we live on 15 acres of woods, there is so much to do outside! The category Backyard Fun is for everything that takes place in the yard! Some of the posts in this category include The Bonfire, Picking the Garden, and Water Wars.

Baseball – This is a category dedicated to the sport we all love! From going to the games or just practicing in the yard, this category is full of awesome posts about baseball! Some of the posts in this category include Baseball Game and Baseball Card Trading.

Birthdays – Nested under Holidays, this category contains birthday parties, special birthday surprises, and documents the special day! Some of the posts in this category include Gram’s Birthday Party and Trinity’s 8th Birthday.

Christmas –  Merry Christmas! This category is full of posts about all the events leading up to Christmas and soon Christmas day. Watch us deck the halls, rock around the Christmas tree, and everything inbetween! Posts in this category include Festival of Lights, Decorating for Christmas, and Dress Shopping.

Everyday Life – This category gives you a look into rou regular, everyday life. Read posts about school, gardening, and whatever we are currently up to. Posts in this category include Taco Tuesday, School Days, and Trip to Town.

Gardening – My family and I both work hard, long hours in our garden. We grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and many other delicious foods. Posts in this category include Picking the Garden and Gardening and Ice Cream Sundaes.

Guest Posts – Sometimes siblings and friends might want to publish a post on my blog. That is why I made a special category for guest’s posts. My sister, Trinity, is very interested in blogging, so I occasionally let her post something to the family blog. Trinity’s Post is one of the posts in this category.

Holidays – This category includes posts about Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Posts in this category include Thanksgiving, Decorating for Christmas, and Micah’s 11th Birthday.

Kennedy –  Kennedy is a 13-year-old girl who is part of TDT. She is currently battling pediatric Lupus SLE and ITP.  All of her TDT friends are doing fundraisers for her to help raise money to help cover her enormous medical bills. Kennedy’s Kottage is a post in this category.

LEGOs – Who doesn’t love to build a cool creation out of LEGOs from time to time? Come see what we like to build in posts like LEGO Fun Part 1 and 2.

Outdoors – Everything outdoors is always a blast! Come take a look into our outside fun! Posts in this category include Church Camp, Shenandoah Crossing Part 1, 2, and 3.

School – Every weekday, we do our school lessons. History, science, writing… You name it, and this category has it! Several posts in this category include School Days, White House Cookie, and Science Experiment.

Special Events – Although most of the posts on my blog are pretty special events, this category is for the super fun and rare things that happen. Several posts in this category include My Ballgown and Dress Shopping.

TDT – That Dance Thing (also know as TDT) is the dance group I am part of.  We learn ballroom dancing. We have two balls each year. It is so fun to get ready for the balls! Posts in this category include Dress Shopping, My Ballgown, and Kennedy’s Kottage.

Vacation – Whether it is a weekend or a week, the beach or the mountains, with family or with friends, there is a category just for our vacations! Posts in this category include Myrtle Beach Trip 2016 and the three Shenandoah Crossing posts.

How can I find the post I am looking for?

Well, one way you can find posts is search it. On the right sidebar, there is a search bar. Type in what you are looking for there. If that doesn’t work, search by category. What is in each category? See the question above for more information on that. One other helpful tool is the calendar. The days I posted are in red. Just click on the day to see all the posts from that date. You can also look in the monthly archives on the right sidebar. Another possibility is that the post has been removed from the website. If you think that is the case, leave a comment and I will check my dashboard.

How can I find out more about you and your family?

I have several pages to answer that question. You can learn more about us on the ‘About Our Family’ page, the ‘About Me’ page, or by clicking on one of us on the Our Family widget on the right sidebar. Another way to find more information about us is to search our first names. There is a little post about each of us that can only be viewed by searching or clicking on the sidebar pictures.

What is the featured post?

The featured post is in the red square all the way on the right just under the slider. It will change every week to every couple weeks depending on the post. Right now, the featured post is called Kennedy’s Kottage. Kennedy, age 13, is in her second year at TDT (the dance group that I am in). She comes each Friday with a big smile, excited and ready to dance. She loves TDT and the friends she has made there. On the outside, one would think all was well for a seemingly normal 13 year old gal. But, that is far from true in Kennedy’s case. On the inside, she is very ill. For the last year and a half Kennedy has been in a daily fight to endure and survive a medical situation that is critical. Without using medical terms, her body is attacking itself. Medications and treatments so far are not working. There is currently no cure, and there is no end in sight. Here is the situation in Kennedy’s own words.

“Hi, my name is Kennedy. I have pediatric Lupus SLE. Because of the lupus my immune system sees some of my other systems as an enemy. It is attacking some of my systems like it would rid a virus from my body. One main part of my blood system that it is attacking is my platelets. This caused another disease called ITP. I am hospitalized every couple of weeks because my platelets get critically low. The treatment for this is called IVIG, but this is just a band aid on the real problem. It only brings my platelets up temporarily before they drop back down to critical levels. I take several medicines a day, and I get chemo therapy that helps temporarily. I am getting ready to go to New York because my doctors at MCV do not know what other treatment options they can do to help my illness. This is a hard disease to fight every day, but other people’s love and support helps me a lot. With everyone’s love and support I know I am not going on this journey alone.”

Because so few have this illness there is not an established format for treatment. That, and the fact that this is not cancer, means much of Kennedy’s treatment is not covered by insurance. As you can imagine the medical bills are far beyond words. That is where we can help! The first thing we are going to do is raffle the gingerbread house which we have named Kennedy’s Kottage. Please read the post for more information.