Florida- Washington Nationals Game

Today we had a pancake breakfast complete with honeydew and sweet strawberries. Then, Dad, Micah, Lily Grace, and I walked down to Horton Park. It was very fun to see the water and spend time together. After that we went with Grandma and Grandpa to a spring training baseball game. When we got there, we were able to go down to the bottom of the section to get a better view of the training. We just barely missed (literally, by only a few feet) Michael A. Taylor and Anthony Rendon signing autographs and talking to fans.  We watched the training for a while longer, and I also met a few Nationals fans 😉 It was a lot of fun. Lily Grace even got a ball that they were practicing with. We noticed that the game would start in only 25 minutes, so Micah asked if we could going up to our seats. I said I didn’t really want to quite yet. I’m so glad we didn’t go up because just then, Chris Heisey came out of the dugout and came up to us!!! I asked him if he would sign my glove and he said YES, he would!  I couldn’t believe it! Then he signed Trinitys glove and Lily’s ball she got. He even signed Micah’s hat! I was freaking out! I said “Thank you SO much!” Laughing, he said “You’re SO welcome!” We watched him practice for just a bit longer before running up to our family and showing off our signed stuff. Then as we were coming to our seats, I saw Clint Robinson down by the fence. I ran to ask him if I could have his autograph. He wasn’t as friendly as Chris Heisey, but he said “Sure.” Then I said thank you and he nodded and ran back to practice. Sadly, since it was an away game, the Nats only had one or two of their good people with them and they only batted once. Then, the lineup was only people no one in my family had ever heard of. Since the Twins were home, the had their good players like Dozier and Sano. It was close, but the Twins were able to win. After the game, we went to Mel’s. Mel’s is a 50 ish diner with food like burgers, salad, steak and cheese subs, and other yummy things. We waited for quite some time before a table opened up. Then, we got our drinks. I got a lemonade. After that, I ordered a burger. It was pretty good. My siblings got ice cream sundaes because if children were well behaved, they got free ice cream. Since I’m not a child, I just had to watch them. It looked good! Before bed, we swam for a few minutes and then showered. It is so sad that this was our last day.

Sorry for the random order in the pictures! 😉

That was my lemonade. YUM!

Thank you for reading this post. It is sad that I only have on more post after this!!! I am trying to get it out today. 🙂