Florida- Day 7

Today we had a delicious breakfast of white, fluffy, chocolate chip muffins, sweet strawberries, and honeydew. Then, I set out on a nearly three mile walk with Dad. It was one and a quarter miles to the park where dad and I walked and one and a quarter miles back. At the park, Dad and I picked a wooden bench by the water shaded by palm trees to rest on. While we were sitting, we spotted several enormous fish leap out of the water. We also saw several pelicans soar and glide through the cool morning breeze and diving down to skim across the waves. Then, we saw a HUGE animal emerge from the water.
“WHAT is that?” Dad enthusiastically cried.
“I think it is a manatee!” was my shocked reply.
We watch the enormous creature for quite awhile before finally walking back to the house. When I got home, I played several rounds of Uno with Mom, Micah, Lily Grace, Trinity, and Grandpa. It was so fun! For lunch, our family went to Chipotle Mexican Grill and enjoyed our spicy, salty, delicious burritos bowls, chips, and drinks. After lunch, we swam in the pool. We had different types of races, and played some other fun games we made up like Underwater Telephone. After showering, we had a yummy dinner of shrimp and grits, chicken nuggets, and tater tots. Cheesecake filled our dessert plates. We watched a round of Jeopardy before bed.

Here is a neat picture of the pool. We had so much fun making new games! Sorry, this is the only picture in this post. ๐Ÿ™