Church Camp 2017

Last week, all the teens from my church went to Camp Piankatank for our annual church camp. It was so much fun! Our topic was called Avoiding Shipwreck – Studies From 1 Timothy. Here are some pictures that were taken by some different people at camp.

Here we are leaving church at 3:00 Sunday.

We took a tour of the camp after dinner that night. Isn’t it amazing?!

Here we are taking in the view. 😉

Since it wasn’t raining, a few of us wanted to play other things instead of go to the pool. When it started to get dark, Maddie and I put our feet in the water and watched everyone swim.

Here we are during free time on Monday.

During our activity time, we did different challenges we had to complete as a team. Our first one needed two teams, so we split up into boys vs. girls 😉 We all had to stand on a tarp and flip it over without stepping off. Of course, the girls won!

hThe boys couldn’t figure it out at first and they were very surprised we won.


Next we spilt into three teams. We had to balance 15 nails on one bolt.

Here is one of the teams when they finished. My team finished first.

We had just enough time to go up to the archery range before our second free time that afternoon.

We played volleyball while we waited for the pool to open.

Here we are at worship that night.

The next day, we cleaned up the dining hall and bathrooms for the camp workers. I actually had a lot of fun sweeping the dining hall!

After that we went back to our lodge.

The activity that day was the rock wall.

It rained that night, so our GaGa Ball pit was flooded. we spend some time fixing it, here it is about halfway emptied… it took awhile.

After much time was spend dumping, draining, and brining in new sand, we were able to play again.

That day, we did the V swing and Nessie for our activities.

Here is the V swing.

Here is Nessie. It was a team challenge. After you completed climbing the cargo net, your team had to help stabilize and move the planks so you could make it to the end.




Above are several videos you can download if you want.

That night, the girls judged the boys’ cannonball competition in the pool. It was quite entertaining 😉

After our pool time, we had a campfire.

On Friday, I fished for two hours and didn’t catch anything, but it was still fun to talk to people and look at the water 😉 After that 2 hours, my friends and I went back up the the cabin.

That night, the girls had a cannonball competition and the boys judged. I scored and 8 out of 10, but Katlyn won with a 9.5 out of 10.

This was my splash.

The next morning it was time to leave camp. Everyone signed each others song books. Here I am bringing my book around to the different tables for everyone to sign.

Here we are at our final worship and teaching session.

Here we are just before we left.

Thanks for reading!!!

(Just a note: This is my 100th post!!!)