About This Blog

Hi! Welcome to kendallblue.com! I am Kendall and I am very excited to be starting up this family blog. I have been doing this blog since July 5, 2016 and I hope to continue for a very long time!!! If you would like to learn more about me, click on About Me. If you would like to learn more about the Blue family, click About Our Family. If you want to know more information about one of us, please feel free to search the first name of the person you’re looking for! There is a search bar under ‘What are you looking for?’ on the home page! There are actually posts about each of us that don’t appear in the list of posts! You can also click on the pics of us on the right sidebar to see the posts as well. I enjoy photographing events in our family’s daily life, so in my posts you will get a look in to the Blue family everyday life! I try to post about all of our trips, holidays, and family fun. Sometimes my mom, Emily, takes some of the pictures. I am also teaching my brother, Micah, how to take pictures. I try to have at least one post up each week, so come back often to see my new posts! In Gallery, you will get to see a gallery of some of my favorite pictures I take. If you click on them, they will expand so you can view them better. Also, the theme of my blog changes depending on the season! Thanks for visiting kendallblue.com and enjoy your day!!! 😀

– Kendall Blue