About Me


Hi! My name is Kendall and I am fifteen years old. I have a passion for acting, dance, and music, and photography. I live on fifteen acres of beautiful land, which is perfect for taking pictures of the seven people in my family.

When I was six years old I received my first camera, and I have loved photography ever since. I constantly carried my camera with me everywhere I traveled and took photos whenever I could. One day, my parents bought a nice camera. I was intrigued by all of the settings and I began imagining all I could do with the camera. Finally, I was old enough to use an expensive camera, and since then I have been practicing photography. I have already done a few photo shoots, but one day I would love to be a photographer as a job. My favorite type of photography is definitely portrait photography, and I would love to have photography sessions with all kinds of people in all different locations. On The Gallery page are some of my favorite shots from the past couple years. I also enjoy photo manipulation on GIMP so you may see some cool edited photos as well. Be sure to check out that page!!!

Thanks for reading this page and have a great day!

– Kendall Blue