Month: March 2017

Backyard Fun Outdoors

The Rainbow

Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day, but in the evening the rain momentarily stopped and left us with a gorgeous, colorful rainbow in the sky! I had to take pics 😉 Here they are! Enjoy!

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Kennedy TDT

Kennedy’s Karnival

For those of you who follow my blog, you have probably seen my posts about my friend Kennedy. If not, here is the situation: Kennedy, age 13, is in her second year at TDT (the dance group that I am in). She comes each Friday with a big smile, excited and ready to dance. She loves […]

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Florida Vacations

Florida- Headed Home

Today, we started our long journey home. After a breakfast of… Uhh… chips, guacamole, orange juice, and a granola bar  (everyone had something different and random), we set out for Pooler Georgia, which was our halfway stopping point. In the car, Micah and I played card games, “mind tricks”, and watched Looney Toons. For lunch, […]

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Baseball Florida Vacations

Florida- Washington Nationals Game

Today we had a pancake breakfast complete with honeydew and sweet strawberries. Then, Dad, Micah, Lily Grace, and I walked down to Horton Park. It was very fun to see the water and spend time together. After that we went with Grandma and Grandpa to a spring training baseball game. When we got there, we […]

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Florida Vacations

Florida- Festival Fun

Today, we had eggs, biscuits, tater tots, and fruit for breakfast. Then, Dad and I enjoyed a short walk before mom took us all to the Burrowing Owl Festival. The streets were full of educational exhibits and interesting creatures. You could touch sea creatures, view owls, or even check out the Florida Panthers! It was […]

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Florida Vacations

Florida- Day 7

Today we had a delicious breakfast of white, fluffy, chocolate chip muffins, sweet strawberries, and honeydew. Then, I set out on a nearly three mile walk with Dad. It was one and a quarter miles to the park where dad and I walked and one and a quarter miles back. At the park, Dad and […]

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