Month: January 2017

Outdoors School

Tredegar Iron Works

Today we went to Tredegar Iron Works as a field trip for school. Tredegar Iron Works used to be a place where people would make an assortment of things such as locomotives and other equipment, but during the Civil War they produced about 1000 cannons for the Confederacy. While we were there, we could watch […]

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Everyday Life

Sentinel Tactics

Micah just bought a new game with some of his Christmas money. It is called Sentinel Tactics. The goal of the game is to incapacitate your opponents. Different characters have different powers so that they can sprint, fly, and fight their way to victory. Here is how the game is played. Each turn has four […]

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Kennedy TDT

Koins for Kennedy

Hello! Our last fundraiser was a huge success! The medical bills won’t stop, so we won’t either! Here we go with our next fundraiser for Kennedy. šŸ™‚ For those of you who missed my last post about this situation, here is a quick summary of what is going on. For more information, search my blog […]

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Backyard Fun Outdoors

Snow Day!

On Friday night, it started to snow! We were all so excited! We planned to sled, build snowmen, and have snowball fights. When we woke up Saturday morning, we ha four inches and it was still snowing hard! Of course, we were outside in it as soon as we finished our pancake breakfast. šŸ™‚ We […]

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Everyday Life


One of Micah and my favorite games is called Dominion. Here is how the game is played. Before the game starts, you pick ten action cards to put in the “market”. Now, you are ready to start. First, each player draws fiveĀ estate cards and sevenĀ copper cards. You shuffle them up and draw five. That is […]

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Birthdays Holidays

Dad’s Birthday

Yesterday was my dad’s 40th birthday. For his present, we made him chocolate fudge. He loved it! We also went to his favorite restaurant, Chipotle, for dinner. Then, we stayed up until nearly midnight watching sports videos. Here are some pics from the day. Thanks for reading and happy birthday Daddy!

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